You Are Mine (Love Letter)

I see you, I know you, I heard your first heartbeat. I heard your first cry, I saw your first smile, and I was proud of what I made. I watched you take your first step, and I was excited to take you on this journey. You are my masterpiece. I am the One who wants you!

You are the apple of my eye, bringing me delight. Your smile is precious, and I’ve collected your tears. I want you to know that I know you, so you can trust me and expect my love and favor. Share your heart’s secrets without shame. I’ll spoil you with my love. I made a covenant with you, never leaving or forsaking you. My limitless love sets you free and sustains you. You are mine.

I want you to be fully dependent on Me and let Me care for you. You can never fail Me. I am a good Father and I never change. I am taking away the shame and guilt, and clothing you with my righteousness. You do not have to carry the burden; give it to Me. I am here, I am watching over you, and I am proud of you. My thoughts are good towards you, not to harm you, and My goodness surrounds you. I know what you are going through, but be assured that nothing can separate you from My love. My love goes deeper than any wound or pain; it heals and binds the broken heart.

You can trust me like a child trusts their father, and find rest in my embrace. I love you and every version of you, even the one you think is the worst. Nothing about you surprises me; my love can change you. My love transforms you, so let me love you. Your good deeds can’t impress me; I just want you to believe in me. I am gracious and merciful. I love you, and I love you right now.

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