Planning And Pandemic

Ariel Laforteza is a founder at Agila Creatives and it’s a subscription-based video editing and animation service. Ariel is a media mentor and speaker. He also works with Christian Churches, NGOs, SMEs, business owners both Asia and International who spend too much time at work. With a 10-year background in Video Production as well as working in creative individuals. Ariel’s consulting has helped his clients to de-stress, make more time, improve their relationships with family & friends and feel happier. Ariel is a media mentor and speaker. He found his calling when He studied in VABC, Sri Racha, Thailand He is also a Director, Cinematographer, and Video editor. During pandemic they received SDG7 award and He works with nominated and finalist short-film at Golden Short Festival: Italy Finalists, Sprouting Seed International Short Film, Festival India: Finalist, Venice Film Awards: Finalist, Los Angeles Indie Short Film: Finalist, Florence Film Award Tuncacy Italy: Finalist, New York Movie Award: Finalist, ICA International Cultural Artifact Film Festival Official Selection

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