I Am Loved By You (Beloved’s Reply)

In the chaos, when I hear your whisper that you are here, all the storms inside of me vanish away. You unlock me from the prison of my shame, fight regret with your kindness, and keep showing up for me. My soul has carved your name on it, and it pushes away all my enemies. They know that I am yours, and that’s why they are scared of me. Is this what it means to be loved? Then I am loved by you – smiling again and trusting.

I cherish being enveloped in your arms, where your warmth heals my wounded soul. I could stay here forever, filled with hope again. My desire is to love you for who you are, not just for what you do for me. I don’t want to be anywhere that I might lose the wonder of your love. It’s astonishing to me that I am so known and loved. Your presence always answers me, never punishing me with silence or distance. Your love has transformed even the darkest parts of me, making them beautiful. I gaze at them, wondering, ‘Is this what it means to be loved?’ Then I am loved by you – I see myself as a masterpiece, worthy of love and sacrifice.

Standing in this place of forgiveness, I’m no longer fearful of the memories of my past. Knowing that I can never fail you and that your love for me will never run out gives me the wings to fly and dream. My past actions and future mistakes won’t make you love me less, because your love is constant. Is this what it means to be loved? Then I am loved by you – fully known and fully accepted.

Can this life be enough to discover more of your love for me? Will it lead me to the depths of your presence? I long to renew my mind with your love, never doubting that when I fall, you’ll catch me. How often have I looked at myself with disgust and hate, wondering what you’ll think of me? How many times have I made promises to you and failed? Yet, when I come to you, you gaze at me with eyes of grace and kiss me like I’m your beloved. Is this what it means to be loved? Then I am loved by you – restored in the arms of my Savior.

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