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connect kids ministryOur kids ministry vision is “Connecting kids to God and Church”.

We want kids to know Christ personally, who they are in Christ so they can live out their lives putting their confidence in Christ seeing themselves as leaders who can change the entire nation.

From May to July 2017

craftsFirst three Sundays we talked about “ I am made for a reason”. We did new songs and craft so they can remember that they are made for God and God have a purpose of their life.

After we did a series called “Who is Jesus Christ?

We did that with drama, songs, and craft. We taught kids that whatever Jesus did, you can do also, and nothing is impossible with God.

Our Purpose is to have a really big impact on the older kids so the kids in Sunday school will become the key leaders and after that we will let them connect with the youth(Right now after Sunday school we don’t have a connection with kids and that’s why when they get too old for Sunday school they won’t come to church).

With the older kids i am having a Bible study every week on Saturdays, where I will teach them and help them connect with the church leaders so they can become the great leaders in Christ and bring others to Christ.

This is what we do

1. Games
2. Craft
3. Songs

This is what we do on sundays with kids, we have an average of 60 kids in our Sunday school and we also have Bible teaching every Saturday, which I lead, with our teenage groups.

They taught and encouraged the kids on Saturday. On saturdays we want to spend time with them and teach them from the Bible to build their faith foundation.

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You can support us by

1. Prayer

For our ministry staff for wisdom and new ideas to reach more children.

3. Come visit us

connect kids circle time

You can come and be a part of this great work! Connect with me and send me a message using this contact form here.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support, believing for great things as we raise the next generation of Pakistanis for Christ.

6 thoughts on “Connect Kids”

  1. I think that’s amazing what you guys are doing for these kids.

    I can see you have a great heart for them and I have no doubt that you are making an eternal impact. I wish you guys all the best. Keep doing your good work and thanks for sharing your inspiring story:)

  2. I think what you are doing is truly great. What kinds of games do you play with the kids? Do the games really help connect the kids to Christ? There are so many distractions in our world today and a lot of negative influences on the internet. It’s nice to see someone using technology to help their effort in connecting kids to Christ.

  3. This is very important work that you are trying to do to help these children fulfil their purpose in life. Rather than endless materialistic ideas that are so prevalent in our society, its refreshing to see youngsters connect to their Creator and understand their self being.
    Good luck in your mission and thanks for sharing.


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